callais disaster
when raindrops are literally falling on your head

We offer full restoration services for both commercial and residential structures and contents after storm damage, burst pipes or sewerage flood and we offer immediate response to prevent bacterial growth.

We have been involved in all major natural disasters in Australia this decade and we have extensive experience with contaminated sites. We even take care of the laboratory work and send you the results.

And we don't get call-backs. We've spent decades developing our moisture and mould detection and remediating techniques and we're hands down the best in the business. Ask anyone.

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"We kicked-off in '86 with a handful of staff and a truckload of new ideas. We wanted to turn the industry on its ear and do it our way. Twenty-odd years on, a swag of awards and a few new mates, we've done more than we could ever have imagined.

And we still love doing it. I must be mad - or just an f'ing nice bloke. I prefer to think the latter, and you'll see I've adopted it as a formal qualification earned from a life in the restoration industry."

Lance Beckett