callais disaster
the air we breathe

On almost every site we attend, mould, soot, asbestos and other particles and fibres have become airborne. If the average person takes about 20,000 breaths of air per day, remediating airborne matter is extremely important. Sometimes a matter of life-and-death.

We didn't hazard a guess how to do it. We packed-up our staff and sent them to the US to study. On the back of that study, we've spent decades designing, testing and improving our own air monitoring, filtering and moving technologies.

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"We kicked-off in '86 with a handful of staff and a truckload of new ideas. We wanted to turn the industry on its ear and do it our way. Twenty-odd years on, a swag of awards and a few new mates, we've done more than we could ever have imagined.

And we still love doing it. I must be mad - or just an f'ing nice bloke. I prefer to think the latter, and you'll see I've adopted it as a formal qualification earned from a life in the restoration industry."

Lance Beckett